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Our Products
We take pride in our wide selection of quality products.  New companies added to our portfolio this year have been personally hand picked.  I have multiple companies offering over 30 different plans to fit your situation.  ​Contact us for what is available in your area. 
Our comprehensive portfolio of products include Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplements, Part D Drug plans,Term Life, Long Term Care and Dental.
Medicare Advantage Plans provide the same benefits as Original Medicare, plus additional benefits, which may include prescription drug coverage and routine hearing, vision and dental care. They cover all the benefits of Medicare Part A, including hospital stays, skilled nursing care and home health care, but not hospice care (which is still covered by your Part A benefit). These plans also cover all the benefits of Medicare Part B, including doctor visits, outpatient care, screenings, shots and lab tests. They work similarly to employer-sponsored health insurance plans that you may have had or currently have, which may help you continue a similar level of coverage to what you have now.
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